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Feed Withdrawal Periods

With the first week of shooting partridge nearly completed it is worthwhile to remember withdrawal periods on medicated feed.

However, first it is worth recognising that no matter how much effort we put in, we will never be able to stop birds wandering completely – it is their very nature to wander! But with enough thought and time the process can be slowed down. Here’s what we suggest…


Poults undoubtedly prefer pellets to wheat, but we would say that wouldn’t we!

For this reason, the change from pellets to wheat needs to be done as gradually as possible. If you feel birds are a little behind then keep the pellets going for a week or two longer. It will take longer to put on condition in feeding wheat alone – a multi seed holding mix with aniseed either sparingly fed straight or mixed with wheat plays a successful part in helping to hold birds.


Clean, fresh water is vital. Not only in the release pens but where birds are moving to – home made drinkers are relatively inexpensive and the more you have the less topping up is needed.

Keepers Choice are still relatively busy and will probably manufacture 20-25% of August tonnage, most of which will be un-medicated. However, if you are requesting medicated feed please try and order in lots of 2 or 3 tonnes.


Withdrawal Period in days are as follows:

  • Aivlosin – 28
  • Avatec – 7
  • Flubenvet – 7
  • Aurofac – 28
  • Denagard – 28
  • Bio Mos – None

Good luck to all with the Partridge, and good luck with holding the birds!

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