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Keepers Choice has been supplying game feeds for over 40 years. Hence, our first class reputation has been built up through consistent good performance, reliability and strong grounding.

Four reasons to buy Keepers Choice


Keepers Choice diets are formulated for a purpose not a price!  We believe that producing the best birds is the best way to get value for money, so our diets have meaningful levels of amino acids and essential additives with an aim to produce fit not fat birds.


With our multi-mill operation we are able to supply feed across the country at ease.  Our customers can rely on a dedicated customer services team to be able to respond to the demanding requests of the game industry.

Industry Support

Keepers Choice feel it is important to support and work with shooting organisations.  We work closely with both the NGO and GFA in many areas and have been the sole sponsor of the GFA Game Farming Guide.  In addition to this we regularly sponsor BASC, GWCT and CLA, all of which we consider to be working positively for the shooting community and countryside.


Keepers Choice has remained family owned throughout its history.  Keepers Choice is owned by WL Duffield & Sons, a family business in its fourth generation and stretching back over 100 years.  Having the parent company of such stability and strength but without the blandness of a large multi-national has true advantages.

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