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In early February Keepers’ Choice national sales and marketing manager, Richard Leach, and game & poultry specialist Jack Fellows attended the Game Farmers’ Association’s (GFA) Annual General Meeting.

As it is every year, the meeting was well attended and extremely informative. It is always a good opportunity for game farmers and trade members to catch up before the new rearing season starts; and a chance for current issues to be discussed.

Unsurprisingly, one topic on the agenda was Brexit. Discussions on this focussed on how it could potentially affect the season ahead of us and how it could impact on egg prices, labour and feed costs going forward. The overall summary was that forward planning is a must. Although, admittedly, it is difficult to plan for something that we are yet to know the outcome of.

Antibiotic reduction was also on the list to be discussed, and it seems that as an industry we have made a great start, but still have further to go. The need for quality feed, robust biosecurity, good stockmanship and responsibly sourced game were also touched upon.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Paul Jeavons from Worcestershire Game Farm for being awarded the prestigious Pat Robbins Trophy for his continuous hard work representing the Game Farmers Association and all its members.

We are proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Game Farmers Association and feel that it is an exceptionally worthwhile cause. If you are rearing birds on a game farm or even rearing birds for your own shoot, it is of paramount importance that you become a member of the GFA. They offer an incredible amount of support along with many other benefits. Associate Membership is available to other individuals or organisations who sympathise with the aims of the GFA and who wish to be kept in touch with its affairs.

​All members receive the full colour GFA member magazine three times a year and are entitled to use the GFA name and logo in their promotional campaigns. ​Members also receive the GFA Game Farming Guide. This is a substantial ring-bound publication of best practice guidance, which is written by experts and kept up to date as the industry develops and improves.

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