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At Keepers Choice, we pride ourselves very much on two things: High quality game feed using well sourced raw materials and an incomparable level of customer service!

As many of us at Keepers Choice have previously been gamekeepers and ran shoots ourselves, we know the importance of game feed being delivered when it is needed, and we know that when somebody places an order, it is imperative that it arrives as soon as possible; without any issues.

One of the most important aspects of customer service in the game feed sector is to consistently have good stock levels. This means that deliveries are met on time and allows for quick lead times. As mentioned previously, quick lead times and delivery times are important as chicks and birds, like humans, must eat to stay strong, fit and healthy.

Another commitment we have that pleases our customers is to always be looking at ways of improving our game feed efficiency. We do this this by using the best raw materials, vitamins and minerals. This promotes feed safety and hygiene, good levels of gut health and excellent digestibility, resulting in healthy, unstressed chicks and birds.

Another useful part of our customer service is that questions are answered quickly, regarding deliveries, nutrition and anything else. We have five staff working on the customer service line at our headquarters in Saxlingham, as well as a team of 12 sales agents across the country; all of whom have their contact details on our website. We also run Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, all of which means we can be contacted over the weekend or outside of working hours to answer any queries. This means any questions can be answered swiftly, preventing keepers’ anxiety about their game feed delivery and ration.

Finally, our staff are friendly and always happy to help with anything that they can. Our lorry drivers are extremely passionate about their jobs delivering game feed and enjoy helping the keepers on site by putting the newest game feed at the back and the oldest at the front.

You can look at all of our social media platforms which we like to shape towards deliveries and customer service, showing just how high on our radar customer service is.

As a family run game feed company, we value our customers above anything else, because they are what keep us going. If anybody has any questions regarding this blog, or anything to do with Keepers Choice, please don’t hesitate to contact us via social media or on the phone!

Thank you to all of our fantastic customers!

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