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Game Maize From Keepers Choice

With the weather finally warming up and the soil reaching the magical 8°c mark, gamekeepers and shoots will be looking to start drilling maize within the next couple of weeks. I think everyone can agree, this is a very exciting time of the year!

Keepers Choice has a wide variety of game maize for sale and we are looking forward to seeing our maize grow and prosper on shoots across the country.

As we all know, maize really is an excellent cover crop choice with a multitude of benefits. Here’s what we expect our maize to bring to your shoot:

·         Provides good feed value which results in holding the birds where you want them.

·         Provides great flushing cover.

·         Provides a tall crop that enables game birds to hide from avian predators, making them feel safe and protected. The safer and less stressed a bird feels, the better! If stress levels stay down, this should result in healthier birds with a less likely chance of disease outbreak.

·         Unlike a lot of maize that won’t grow in certain conditions, one of our varieties can be grown from Scotland, down to Cornwall.

·         Winter hardy.

·         Roughly 45,000 seeds per acre.

·         Drilled at roughly 25-30-inch rows.

·         Our seeds are pre-treated with fungicide and insecticide/ bird repellent as standard. So, one less thing to worry about.

The seed that is for sale has been tried and tested and is from a very reputable source. We’re very excited to have this on offer.

For more information on our maize products and prices, please contact Jack Fellows on 07793 491 999 or email him at:

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