Holding Mixes

Holding Mixes to Help Returns

We are now mid-way through October and the majority of shoots have made a start on their days, birds are now mainly being fed on wheat or holding mixes, with a few still feeding pellets.

At this time of the year you may find that pellet consumption falls. If they are younger, the intention may have been to keep them on higher protein. Or, if you want to keep energy up, a higher specification diet is required. Unfortunately, this won’t always go to plan, they will almost certainly get to a stage where they start to flick the pellets out in preference to the wheat.

If this is the case, it is important to make sure your wheat is of good quality and protein content isn’t under 9-10%. If it is, you could look at mixing in whole maize or split maize.

Maize has good levels of energy and protein and is very palatable, it will also help towards keeping the birds interested. Maize is around 16% in protein, so this is quite a bit higher than wheat. Yes, maize is more expensive and not all shoots will have enough in the budget to buy extra food, but if you do then it could be a good option to help towards end of season returns and ensuring birds are getting enough nutrients throughout the colder months.

With some of the game crops this year not being as fruitful due to the weather, you may not be able to rely on them as much towards the end of the season. For example, the quality and quantity of maize cobs in your crops might not be there.

Instead, another option is holding mixes! Our holding mixes are made up of high-quality raw materials such as wheat, sunflower, red & white millet, split peas, soya oil and red and white dari.

Holding mixes are more expensive than plain wheat, however these mixes can be fed with wheat to make sure they last longer. Feeding at two, three or even four to one is fine. The holding mixes all contain soya oil and concentrated aniseed oil which we have found to be very effective in holding birds, it also helps add a shine to the feed and adds attractiveness to game birds.

With the price rises we have seen this year, it’s important to try and make end of season returns as high as possible.


If you could shoot an extra 50 birds by using one tonne of holding mix which is (for example) £500 per tonne

50 birds at £40 per bird (on average) 50 x 40 = £2000…

Would you consider feeding holding mixes if you can save £1500?

Keepers choice are able to provide Whole maize, split maize and we have a variety of holding mixes

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