Keepers Choice Feeds Stand

Keepers Choice Game Feeds – East Anglian Game Fair Report

First of all, we would genuinely like to thank everybody that made the effort to come and say hello to us at the Keepers Choice stand on a very wet and windy day last weekend. It was great to see both familiar faces and some new faces and speak about everything we have to offer and how we think the season is going to go. We were particularly happy with how dog food and chick feeds went down.

Secondly, a huge thank you to the event organisers for doing such a fantastic job and arranging a superb day at a wonderful venue. Sadly, the conditions were not particularly conducive to a successful and busy Game Fair outing. Although considering the weather, the turn out wasn’t appalling and it was great to see so many families out, enjoying their day together, despite the elements.

The main point of these events is to promote our wonderful industry whilst generating interest to people, and there was certainly plenty of that going! From watching Venison butchery classes with BASC to people being entertained Gundog scurries in the arena. Perhaps most interesting for us gamekeepers was looking at the new equivalent of the Fenn Trap with The National Gamekeepers’ Organisations.

The other key aspect to these events is that they are brilliant for promoting what we do. We are looking forward to doing a lot more networking throughout the year and want to commit to a push to making even more new relationships and furthering current relationships within the growing shooting community!

What we enjoy the most, and what we are best at, is advising and talking through our diets for the year and thinking about what would suit your requirements. So please, if anybody has any questions or if anybody is interested in any of our rations, don’t hesitate to get in touch on (01489) 780033 or

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