Duck Feeds

Duck Feeds

These feeds can be fed throughout the season and are specifically designed to give a balanced diet and essential vitamin and minerals.

18% Mallard Duck Breeder Pellet (3mm)

Quality balanced digestible ration formulated to supply the essential nutrients to maintain good body condition and promotion of egg production and hatchability.

Product code: 1429502

20% Mallard Duck Starter Crumb

Specially manufactured to encourage early intake up to 2 weeks of age. Fully supplemented with amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins for a healthy start and to stimulate early growth and development.

Product code: 1426302

18% Mallard Duck Grower Pellet (3mm)

A palatable digestible ration with a feed material matrix of selected quality ingredients to promote growth and development of feathering, bone development and disease resistance.

Product code: 1427502

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