Holding Mix

Holding Mixes

Increase your returns with Keepers Choice Holding Mixes.

Mix with wheat or feed sparingly on its own, on feed rides or at leak points around your shoot.

All of the below are available in one tonne lots packed in strong, reusable plastic 25 KG bags.

KC Hold’em Hard Mix + Aniseed

Maize Grits – White Dari – Red Millet – Tares (Vetches) – Split Peas – Red Dari – White & Red Millet – Soya Oil + Aniseed

Mix with wheat at 2, 3 or 4 to 1 part Mix

Product code: T078

KC Hold’em Hard Mix Economy

Wheat – Whole Oats – White & Red Millet – Canary Seed – Linseed – Sunflower Hearts –
Rape Seed – Soya Oil

Mix with wheat at 2, 3 or 4 to 1 part Mix

Product code: T077

Holding Mixes also available for ELS & HLS Supplementary Bird Feeding Schemes

T076 KC HLS Holding Mix – suitable for Supplementary Bird Feeding HF24

T081 KC Holding Mix Concentrate – mix 1 tonne of T081 with 1.5t of farm wheat – suitable for HF24

Also available – Cut Maize – Cut Maize + Aniseed and Whole Maize

Wheat – bags or bulk, depending on location.

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