Maintenance Feeds

Maintenance Feeds

With birds out in wood it is essential that they maintain a good vitamin and mineral intake.

15% Covert Pellet with Spice (3mm)

Specifically manufactured nutritious ration, non-medicated, with added spice to encourage feed intake and can limit undue straying. The added minerals, trace elements and vitamins help to ensure continued growth and vitality of the birds in the release pen and after release.

Product code: 1391502

15% Game Maintenance Pellets (3.0mm)

Feeds supplying energy, protein, minerals and essential micro-nutrients to enhance body condition and well being of the birds during the winter in times of natural feed shortages and periods of holding. Also recommended in preparation for the breeding season to produce a fit and not fat bird prior to feeding the specialised breeding rations.

Product code: 1392502

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